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We are fellow entrepreneurs, business strategists, investors, and business turnaround specialists. Bottom line – we love business; we love the game. And we understand that business is a dynamic process with leadership and business model challenges. Mostly, we want to be the type of partner that understands and sympathizes with those we’re investing in.


Our slogan is simple – we want to make more friends, have more fun & make more money.

Meet Mike Dahlke

I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor, business turnaround specialist and business coach. After attending the Global Christian Leadership Summit in 2011, I felt a calling to leave the financial world and jump into entrepreneurship.  My current focus is on both home service companies and business turnaround situations where strategy and capital are required. 

I’m passionate about helping distressed companies navigate large, but solvable problems with leadership, strategy and capital. I love spending time with my two boys, hunting and talking all things business.

Meet Michael Kaplan

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, private equity and angel investor. After graduating from law school, my partners and I purchased a two-employee carpet cleaning company in Minnesota. I loved and lead that business for 12 years before selling it to begin new ventures. At the time of sale, our business was in six states with 200 employees and approximately 18 million in revenue.

My specialties include marketing strategy, strategic planning and legal guidance. I practice my daddy skills every day with my three kiddos and am passionate about ultimate dining experiences. I love the opportunity to work with new business owners and provide expertise and financial assistance to help them thrive.

rock solid values

What Matters to Us


Doing the right thing in a fair, responsible & ethical way. To work together, we need to be able to trust one another. We’ll never be found working outside the law or conducting business outside our moral values.



Whether we’re working as a Business Turnaround Specialist, investing in an A+ leader, or coaching an up and coming Business Ninja, we love working together, learning together and sharing ideas with one another.


As leaders, we need to take a hard look at the brutal facts. We need to see our businesses as they currently are, and not as we wish they were. It requires courage and the ability to embrace discomfort but it’s so so important.


We take action when we say we will. Leading is hard and can sometimes require ridiculously difficult to-do’s. As leaders, we have to hold ourselves accountable before we’re able to hold our employees accountable.


I would highly recommend Michael Dahlke and Michael Kaplan.  Last year our company was in dire straights and I didn’t see a way out.  A year later we have rapidly been paying down debt, hired a new CEO and everything is running smoothly.

I can’t say enough good things about them, but what I liked the best is that they are just great guys to work with.  Their professionalism and knowledge is outstanding and if I was going to war I would want them by my side!  I can also add helpful, generous, moral, and even tempered.

Our company was transformed through their guidance and I give them all the credit.  They saved our bacon.

Chris, Chief Operating Officer

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