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designed to support collaboration, idea generation & focused strategizing to create your 90 day action plan

why Redhook’s workshops are different

Facilitated Collaboration

Each workshop has 25-30 participants. That’s 25-30 different people who share one big idea. Not just an idea in concept, but an idea that has worked for their business – an idea that has produced for their business creating a big return.

We dedicate one full day to sharing ideas, struggles and anxieties. Think – support system for entrepreneurs.

You decide on your most important goal & your game plan for the next quarter, and we provide the tools and the structure to help you accomplish those goals. You walk away with concrete steps for business growth and a network of people who may be able to help along the way.

Quarter by Quarter Changes

What does the agenda look like?

Even though you can register for one event at a time, the four quarterly workshops are designed to work together and create exponential growth for your business. The agenda doesn’t change greatly from workshop to workshop, but the ideas and the tools to execute do. A typical agenda might look something like this:

  • Share $10k Business Ideas
  • Self Leadership Development
  • Business Model Review
  • Analyze P&L Buckets
  • Capital to Execute Plan
  • 90-Day Success Criteria

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Upcoming Workshops

Quarterly Workshops

when: October 28, 2020

where: Nashville, TN

how much: $500

Mastermind Program

 Have you attended a quarterly workshop and been referred to the BBB Mastermind Program? Get more information & sign up today!


what others are saying

Entrepreneur Success Story

Bobby Walker

TRT Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning

BBB is the perfect blend of brotherhood and strategic business planning. It’s been the most practical and beneficial investment that I’ve made for my business.

Corey Nathan

See Spot Go! Window Cleaning

Not only has the BB&B become an invaluable pillar in my own growth as a business leader, my participation has been immensely and quantifiably valuable to my business.

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Learning together

Make Your Own Opportunities

‘Making it’ as an entrepreneur doesn’t mean the learning is over. In fact, we’d argue that it’s even more important to continue with self development since there’s more to lose…and gain.

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